In a few words about us...

The "Glasini" company - artistic glass producer was founded in 1993.
Our firm is placed in Chorzów - in the south Poland.
We specialize in designing and producing glass goods in technology which consist on thermal glass processing.
We are proud of our unique and high quality production - it\'s merit of our very professional and experienced staff.
All our products are hand made. We use our own projects or special customers projects.
We can boast many recommendation letters. In 1998 we obtained distinction in "Competition for the best product and service in Chorzów City", in 2006 we won that Competition.
We passes - as well - certificates of National Comision of Art..

About our glass...

The technology is based on glass fusing method and makes it possible to reach original and unique forms.
The raw material for production it is colourless or colour glass without any additional components. We use only tested fusable glass.
For technological process we use special kiln with programmable controllers for the heating and annealing process. In further processing, the fused glass can be polished, sandblasted, etched, sawed or glued.
The perfect cuts and bend possibility make our products to became flat or three-dimentional forms with use of full colours range.

Glass made by Glasini may be used as:
- sacral stained glass (without lead joints)
- colourless and colour insertions for walls, doors, windows and furniture)
- decoration for rooms (glass pictures, lamps, clocks, glass tables, glass angels and many more)
- usable glass (flower-pots, plates, dishes etc.)
- glass form commercial stands.

Glasini glass goods can be joined in common PCV, wood or aluminium frames, can be glued with carried glass.
An individual glass element of our products can reach max 1500 x 2500 mm size.